Emerging Voices in Forestry

Join Us for The Hagenstein Lectures at
the World Forestry Center in Portland, Oregon

The World Forestry Center and Society of American Foresters invite you to join us for The Hagenstein Lectures. We are honored to introduce you to our Emerging Voices in Forestry – all under the age of 45. Welcome these new leaders working at the forefront of social, economic, and environmental change.
Join us and meet them in person, and enjoy craft beer, wine, food, new friends, provocative ideas, great conversation.


One Thing in Common

“Most of us have one thing in common: we grow trees.”
—W. D. Hagenstein

We Are Wise Enough to See a Different Future

“We are wise enough to see a different future based on our mutual desire to find new ground and new trust.”
—W. D. Hagenstein

That’s All I really wanted

“That’s all I really wanted. To be a forester.”
—W. D. Hagenstein

Absolutely Passionate

“I am absolutely passionate about the forest.”
—W. D. Hagenstein