Andrés Holz

Assistant Professor of Geography

Director – Global Environmental Change Lab
Department of Geography, Portland State University

Andrés studies the causes and consequences of climate variability and human activity on ecological change and disturbances in temperate forests, primarily in the West of the Americas, Australia and New Zealand. His work engages a multi-scalar and interdisciplinary approach that uses an assortment of techniques, including dendrochronology, landscape ecology, remote sensing and geographic information systems, spatially-explicit modeling and geostatistics, field studies, and historical and documentary records. Andrés earned his B.S. in Forest Engineering at Universidad de Chile, and M.A. and Ph.D. from University of Colorado. When not working, he enjoys spending time in the woods and in the yard with the family, reading or playing music.

Andrés will be speaking in ACT III Forestry 2040: Action Required.