Edie Sonne Hall

Founder and Principal, Three Trees Consulting

Edie Sonne Hall is the Founder and Principal of Three Trees Consulting, which specializes in bridging the gap between science and policy and management. She grew up in the Northeast and spent summers hiking around the woods with her family. She majored in environmental biology at Yale and then worked as a research forester for International Paper in Southern Georgia.

In 1999 Edie moved to the PNW to pursue a masters and Ph.D. in forestry at the University of Washington. There she became interested in climate change and the role forests and forest products can play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. She started working for Weyerhaeuser doing sustainable forest policy in 2005 and left in 2017.

She has worked on regional, national, and international forestry issues related to forest carbon, ecosystem services, green building and life cycle assessment. Eddie was a speaker at the 2017 Hagenstein Lectures.
Edie will be host for Zack Parisa in ACT 1.