Act 2: Foresters in the City with Michael Ahr

Michael Ahr grew up as a suburban kid in Denver and Cincinnati and credits his grandparents with getting him into the woods during the summers. As an adult, Michael enjoyed getting children excited about the outdoors as a naturalist in Yellow Springs and the Cuyahoga Valley of Ohio – and he now gets adults excited about stewarding their forest lands in the West Hills of Portland. Upon receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Wildlife Management from The Ohio State University, Michael spent 18 months educating kids in the outdoors before moving to Corvallis to study forestry education. In 2004, Michael completed his Master of Science Degree at Oregon State University with a focus on Natural Resources Education and Extension. He’s worked for the Polk Soil and Water Conservation District, the Washington Department of Natural Resources, and now the West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District as their Forest Conservationist where he helps private landowners in restoration projects.