Hagenstein Lectures Video Archives coming soon

2019 Hagenstein Lectures

Women on Fire
of the Future

Amanda Rau & Anjel Tomayko
Hosted by Fran Cafferata Coe

Forestry 2040:
Action Required

Terry Baker, Ara Erickson & Andrés Holz
Hosted by Abe Wheeler

Wildfire Moneyball: :
Analytics for the New Normal

Christopher Dunn
Hosted by Jarred Saralecos

On Fire: A Conversation with John Maclean

Hosted by Doug Decker

2018 Hagenstein Lectures

October 14, 2018

Act 1:
Design the Forests
of the Future

Act 2:
The Great
Carbon Machine

Act 3:
Reach Out

2017 Hagenstein Lectures

October 15, 2017

Act 1:
Green Wood /
Green Buildings

Act 2:
In The City

Act 3:
WOW – Women
Owning Woodlands

2016 Hagenstein Lectures

October 09, 2016

Act 1:
Aaron Everett

Act 2:
Practicing Forestry Roundtable

Act 3:
Mike Dockry