Zack Parisa

Co-Founder & President, SilviaTerra

Zack Parisa is the co-founder and president of SilviaTerra. He started SilviaTerra with the idea that providing better information about forests has the potential to result in better forest management decisions – and in time, forests that are better aligned with our values. To that end SilviaTerra has developed analytical tools used globally by governments, industry, and conservation firms.

A forester and biometrician by training (BS in forest management from Mississippi State University, and MFS from Yale University), Zack has spent the past 10 years helping forest managers acquire, organize, and analyze information about their forests. He developed and patented a process which uses remotely-sensed imagery to make forest inventory far more efficient. He now focuses on extending the use of that information to enable market-based solutions to the challenging problems of forest design, production, and conservation.

Zack will be speaking in ACT 1 hosted by Edie Sonne Hall.